Huacaya Alpaca

  • 2019/08/24

Alpaca Bonita alpaca fabric

Alpaca Bonita means beautiful alpaca, 
La Casa Del Artesano obtained the agency in 2004
, and created its own brand in the same year. 
It is a collection of 100% Peruvian national alpaca fabric.

Like the golden aristocratic alpaca, it has the reputation
of "soft gold moving in the Andes", and the world calls it
"the fiber of God." Alpacas are grown in the Peruvian Andes
at an altitude of 4,500 meters. The temperature difference
between day and night is large, the sun is strong, and the
wind is cold. It can survive in a harsh environment. It is
warm and moisturized by the camel hair, and it is more
resistant to solar radiation.

An alpaca can only get 200 grams of fluff, and alpaca is 
the rarest of the Mongolian Cashmere wool. National treasure 
Hogaye alpaca, Suli alpaca, gold larch, a full range of 
top-grade refined alpaca shawl fabric, all in alpaca Bonita. 
Gently rubbed on the shoulders, the world's most rare art,
the ultimate touch, the taste is amazing!